Friday, February 6, 2015

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy VIII (SquareSoft, 1999; Playstation): Issue #026: Fifty-Three Steps To A New Guardian Force

And, sadly, this is a “part one” sort of things, folks.

It seems the three party members that didn't come with Squall have buggered off someplace, but I guess that doesn't really matter much. So, Squall, Rinoa and Selphie have to go looking around to find three key-cards to open up the doors of Galbadia Garden. The soldiers are better fighters that the students at Balam Garden, and it turns out that Galbadia has better security, too. Crap. It's really no surprise, though, all things considered.

All three keys are with students found around the Garden we're invading. The first one's in some student quarters on the second floor from where we came in. You're on the right track if you run into Fujin and Raijin by the stairwell. Raijin says they're tired. Fujin says they can't stand how Seifer is since he got possessed or hypnotized or whatever by the Sorceress, so they want us to try to talk him down or out or whatever need be so that he goes back to how he was before Edea got to him. Of course, we're going to do it. He's still kind of one of us, even if he's not in his right mind.

The student who actually has the card says the Galbadian military just came storming in and tossed out most of the students, but there are two others besides him still there. The second one's back on the main floor. In order to get to the second one, we have to unlock a door with the first key, cross Galbadia's ice hockey rink and find another student in a classroom to the right of the ice access on the far side of the rink. This one says we're their only hope. Help us, Hei-Wood Jablome?

Yeah, I'm going back to the whole “why can't these trained mercenaries fight?” thing. Given the way that these SeeD members are being sold as better than the regular military that most nations have, one would think that the cadets at what is supposedly the best academy this organization has would be able to handle themselves better than this against an invasion by a regular military, even if it is Galbadia's own, in this case. Then again, maybe I'm just a moron about this.

At any rate, using the second key gives us access to the part of Galbadia Garden we've kind of been in before. This is the big central hall, where I guess a few big things are going to happen in the near future. On the lower level, where we are, there's a big terror dog-looking thing with three heads that's supposed to be Cerberus. He's a Guardian Force that will come in handy, from what I understand, but we'll get around to the first shot at fighting him in a minute.

If we take the hall to the left, there's another classroom with a female student in it this time. She has the last key-card and says that the Sorceress is up on third if we take the elevator. I went and unlocked the elevator door, but we'll go up in a bit. First, though, I want to get myself another summon, since they come in handy, like it or not. Cerberus says he's looking for a little fun. In this first attempt, the little son of a bitch wiped the party out with Quake spells before I could really do anything. But now that I know he has that and will use it, I'll try to get Float spells on everybody before he does it. All the same, though, I get the feeling I'll still be calling the next issue There's A Bear In My Garden.

But, until then, stay safe, have fun, keep gaming, and DFTBA!

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