Wednesday, September 23, 2015

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (Square, SNES, 1992): Issue #005: Puppy Wylls

Before we get on with what we gotta get on with here, some other stuff.

When we first get to Aquaria, the first place we need to go is Phoebe's house, which is in the southwest part of town. Once there, she tells us about how her Grandpa Spencer is stuck in a tunnel he was digging under the house, on account of all the ice. She goes on to say that she things something called Wakewater will thaw things out enough to get him out. Unfortunately, we can't just go get the Wakewater because a monster has stolen something called the Libra Crest, which lets people go from the place we found Phoebe to a place called the Life Temple.

The game clues us in to the fact that it ain't exactly gonna work out the way Phoebe says because all the townsfolk are talking about a monster in the Ice Pyramid who goes invisible, and makes it happen to all his lackeys, too. We'll get to that later, though. First, we gotta go to a place called the Wintry Cave to get the Libra Crest back so we can try the Wakewater first.

Aquaria is the first place we can really buy a few things. There's the Inn, of course, which is 95 gold in every town that charges. The Inn also has a guy that sells explosives and a guy who will sell us cure potions in a bit. In the northwest part of town, there's a house with a lady in it who will sell us our first helmet, the Steel Helm, for 200 gold. A fairly basic thing, but still worth resetting for.

On the way to the Wintry cave, there's a Battlefield that gives 99 experience for cleaning it out. That's never much, and less now that we're over level ten. One thing I did after that was go through the Bone Dungeon again to get a few more seeds to replace the ones I used last time, because they'll come in handy.

The monsters in the battlefield and the Wintry cave are all fairly new. We've got Edgehogs and Scorpions in the battlefield, who are joined by Centaurs, Land Worms, Land Turtles and Sparnas in the cave itself. The only ones that don't necessarily cause something to leap right to mind by their names are the Edgehogs, which are really only missing an “H” from their names and the Sparnas, which are bird monsters that I would think are based on mythical creatures of similar names like the Centaurs.

Along the way, the party falls off a cliff. Phoebe has a claw that she's been using as a weapon up to this point that she uses to save herself from the fall. She gives it to Ben, who can use it to climb walls where there are tracks, and to cause the paralysis status in battle. Phoebe now uses a bow called the Bow of Grace in battle. It's got that can get used up over the course of fights, but there are chests all over hell that they can be replaced from, just like the bombs or Tristam's throwing stars.

There's a battlefield to the west of the cave with Desert Hags in it that gives 600 gold when it's cleared out, and I'm sure that'll come in handy before too long.

The boss of the Wintry Cave is a giant squid called Squidite. Kicking its ass nets the Libra Crest, which allows the party to warp to the Life Temple. While there, the party sees that the Wakewater is all dried up, but the Old Guy is there, and happens to have a pouch full of the stuff for us.

When we get back to Aquaria with it, it only thaws out one funny looking plant. It's no good for the town in general, but at least we can buy cure potions now. Ben suggest heading to the Ice Pyramid to fix the problem because the ice seems like it won't melt until the Water Crystal is relit. But we'll get started with that next time. See you then, folks!

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