Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Rough Year For Cars

Well, more like a rough few months for cars in my family, but still kind of tough, either way.

I guess it all started going bad when I wound up wrecking my own car the end of July. Would have been best if that hadn’t happened, but at least it didn’t go as badly as it could have, I guess. I’m still alive and I do have a vehicle to replace the one I lost. Still got some issues to work out with the new vehicle, but it still gets the job done, at least for now, anyway.

Sometime in August or September, as I understand it, my brother got a fine of some kind on his car that resulted in one of those “boot” things being put on. He moved to the East Coast here in the US, and I know the tax and driving laws are different out there than they are where we grew up, so I guess that was bound to happen eventually. As I understand it, he did get it taken care of, which is good, because I would think he needs a vehicle out there as much as I do here.

And then, the middle of this week, my grandmother got her car stolen. It’s one of those things that really was a crime of opportunity. Various family members had been mentioning for years, on and off, that it was a bad idea to be leaving the car unlocked and a set of keys in the glove compartment. It had to happen eventually that somebody would come along looking for cars to get into and take advantage of the situation. But, some habits die hard, as I know only too well, which means that I’m kind of born to this. Sometimes, it does take a few bad experiences for us to learn our lessons, after all. And all things considered, I’d have to say my grandma has been very lucky in this regard. Even though this is actually the second time this exact thing has happened, the last time was 30 years ago, and then, the cops did manage to get her car back in one piece. I just hope she has similar luck this time, even though it’s probably more than a little doubtful.

So, yeah, this summer and fall have been a little hard on vehicles in my family. I just hope things work out a little better now that winter is on the way.

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