Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Less Ambitious Start

Well, I guess I’ll have another go at my “Movie Shelf” project.

In the course of the last year, year and a half, maybe, I’ve seen a project I’ve called “Movie Shelf” go from an idea to being a failure to kind of having a chance at working.  Since it came to that “having a chance” part, I’ve really not done much with it, and maybe I should change that.

So, anyway, the plan, at least as of right now, is that I’ll try to start this thing off with the 1961 British film Gorgo, which is, as I understand it, a take on the more famous Godzilla movies, of Japanese origin.  About the only other thing I know for sure about this movie is that there was an episode of Mystery Science Theater that featured it in one of the last two or three seasons.  I never got a chance to see it, unfortunately, as the rights that Best Brains and the Sci-Fi Channel had to it were very limited, and I missed all my chances to tape it when it aired.

Beyond that, I’m going in fairly blind.  The plan right now is to just get the hell on with this, in hopes that the equipment I’ve got to work with this time hasn’t gone kaput on me again.  I’m hoping to have this out sometime during the week, but exactly when, I’m not sure.

So, see you soon with a little Giant Lizard Action.  And no, not that kind of giant lizard…

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