Monday, December 21, 2015

The Process

Sometimes I think I put too much effort into this.

Or at least that I've overthought the way I do it. A couple weeks back now, I wrote a post about how I'm feeling a little buried under all my writing projects right now. I've been giving it some thought since then, and I think I may have figured something out about what part of the problem might be.

I've got this process to writing that I've been using for quite a lot of things since college, at the very least. For some things, like this post, for example, I just type them up in my word processor and then post them to whichever hosting service or website I want it to go out on.

For the rest, the bigger projects like the Looking Back series I post to Channel Awesome or the occasional fan fiction I still write from time to time, my process is a little more involved. I tend to work in stages, when I have sufficient time to be think, be sure of what I want on the page, and to make it as good as it can be. It's these bigger projects that are making me feel a little overwhelmed right now, because my process tends to involve having hard copies to work from and spare notebooks to write in when I'm away from my computer. I sometimes find it easier to work that way, most often when I'm out of my apartment entirely.

Thing is, I've got hard copies of two projects I'm actively working on, and even though they're relatively short, I still feel a little buried. Five pages really isn't much, in the greater scheme, but for the amount of time I've been sitting on some of these things, I kind of feel like I should have more than that.

The good news is that I do have one almost ready to go, just pending a final reading to make sure of what I've got before it gets posted. That should be happening before too terribly long now. I'm hoping that will get me motivated again, and maybe remind me that my process is not as horribly overthought as I've got myself worried that it is right now.

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