Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Keeping Myself Busy

If only because I’m just like everybody else and do dumb things if I don’t keep myself busy with something.

It’s why I started writing these silly little blogs to begin with, really, or at least one of them. As a way to keep my hands busy with something so they wouldn’t wind up in a cookie jar someplace. I’ve got enough trouble with that as is, so I really need something to keep myself busy with.

I’d certainly like to be able to have more shiny things coming in than I do, but the way things are for me right now, that’s not an option I can play with. I had hoped to have the means for that by this point in my life, but I really haven’t, and that’s mostly my fault.

I’ve made my choices and decisions, and they’ve led me to where I am, there’s not much denying that. The trick now seems to be figuring out how to correct for some of those poor choices and get moving in a better direction than I have been. Most of that’s on me, and I think I can figure something out as I go.

For now, that means keeping myself a little bit busy, just so I’m not sitting around, idly doing stupid things that really will come back to bite me at some point. And I’d better get to work on some of it soon.

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