Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Update Night: February 17, 2016

Because things have changed a bit since my previous post.

When I wrote that last post and let it autopost on Monday, I was still not certain if I'd be working at both my jobs this week. If I had, it would have been the third straight without a day off. Fortunately, I wound up getting the Tuesday just prior to posting this off, which is something I am very grateful for. I needed a day off rather badly at that point, and I owe my boss Danielle at Dynamic 605 a very big thank you for that. It gave me a chance to rest, clear my head, and actually think about a few things I've had on my mind lately.

The biggest, and oddly enough, perhaps least important one right now is the Final Fantasy 8 Text Play. For reasons I'll get more into in a more appropriately-titled post, I've decided that it's just time to call the remainder of it off. The short version is that I just don't feel compelled to continue playing the game, at least in terms of blogging my way through it. I may yet finish the game entirely on my own, just to say that I have, but I see no point in dragging whatever audience I may still have for that along for a ride that's already gone on way too long as is when I can't say for sure when it's going to end. I'll expand on that and where I might go with the Text Play series in the actual issue I intend to start writing as soon as I get this posted.

Another thing that's on my mind is my health in general. Even if I've not made a terribly big deal of my weight in the years I've been doing this, I don't recall having kept it a terribly big secret, either. I've been having some noticeable health issues recently, and there's little doubt that my weight is the focal point for them. I've had some success in the past at getting my weight down, but I fell off that particular swing awhile ago now, and I've had a little trouble getting back on again, to the point where lately, things may actually have been getting worse in that regard. I know what I need to do to get things turned back around, which is good. Even better is that I don't think I really need to spend money on something I'm not already. I just need to get it in my head that I've got somebody beyond just myself and my immediate family to whom I'm accountable for on this. It's not so much that we're a bad bunch of people or anything, mind you. It's just that if keeping this amongst us was working out all that well, there's a good chance I wouldn't be in the spot I'm in right now.

As for everything else, I think I'll get that figured out when we get to March. It's still a week or so away, and I'm not entirely sure of what's going to happen between now and then. Regardless, I'm going to stick with the plan I wrote about on Monday. If I've got a little proper time off between now and then, I'm going to need to use it to get my head straightened out the rest of the way, because it's still not quite where it needs to be. I'd like to think that's going to happen, but the way things have been going, there are doubts.

What that means, for now, is that aside from the wrap-up post for Final Fantasy 8, I'm still taking some time off from the gaming blogs and the podcasting. The plan for getting back to that is still early March, with details being posted as I get them worked out.

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