Friday, March 18, 2016

Text Play Idea: Second Takes

I've been thinking about this for awhile now.

This is mostly because there are a few games I want to have a second shot at doing text plays of. The stories will all be the same, of course, as some of these games haven't changed much over the 25 or 30 years they've been around.

That time frame should give some clue as to the few titles I've got on my short list right now. There are four titles I'm going to commit to right now. Three of them are Super Nintendo titles, while the fourth is a PlayStation title.

The one I'll probably start with is Final Fantasy 4. It's my favorite video game of all time, as I may have mentioned a time or two before. I've played it way too many times myself, and I know there are like fifty-three million Let's Plays of the game on YouTube, so finding actual video footage of most permutations of most versions of the game should be no real problem. This second shot will just be me screwing around with more things in the North American release than I did the last time through and my take on the results.

From there, I could go with either Lufia and the Fortress of Doom or Breath of Fire. Both of these games are ones I've made several attempts at and have done partial Text Plays here, but have never finished. I'm not sure which one I do first, but I'll say something about it when I decide which order I do them in.

And since this last one is a PS1 game that I can do at the same time as one or more of the others, I might do it at the same time as the others. When I finished the Legend of Mana Text Play a couple years ago, I said I wanted to see what the “new game plus” feature did. Plus, there's the fact that I'd only done two of the three story arcs in the game, and I'm still a little curious about the one I only touched upon a little bit. Another factor in doing LoM concurrently with one or more of the games is that even with pretty much skipping an entire story arc, I found that this is a rather long game, and trying for all three arcs in the game will most likely increase the playing time by at least a third.

Granted, this is not the most complete plan ever, but it is a beginning, and I'm hoping it proves to be the start of finally getting things going in a better direction around here again. Exactly when all of this will start, I'm not entirely sure, but the plan is soon, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. With luck, I'll see you then.

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