Thursday, March 31, 2016

TEXT PLAY Second Run: Final Fantasy 4 (SNES, 1991): Issue #002: Deserts, Waterways, and Whatnots

On our way to Kaipo and the Watery Pass, folks. Off we go!

I did a bit of wandering around before I went ahead with the plot point in Kaipo. Didn't get much for it, but wasn't really expecting to. Seems like I won more heal potions after fights with Sand Men than I usually do, but that's about it. Got a couple levels for Cecil, too, since he would have gotten one right after the cutscene anyway.

The only real change from last time I did this with the business in Kaipo is that the third soldier Cecil fights defending Rydia wound up killing himself after I whacked the officer that was with him and the two other soldiers. I'm pretty sure I got to kill him with Cecil last time, but I think I'll pass on checking that because it doesn't really matter in the long run.

I usually like to level Rydia up to about level five or so before I head on in to the Watery Pass. Would have picked up some Life potions in the item shop, but between being lazy and cheap, I didn't. It kinda worked against me this time, as I wound up getting Rydia killed once in the process. Having to stay at the Inn was for the best anyway, though, since both she and Cecil could have used it by that point.

From there it was pretty much just making way to the entrance to the Watery Pass, where I gave it up for the night.

When I picked back up, I figured I'd go back to Kaipo, just to make sure I had the best equipment I could get for Rydia and then stocked up on a few Life potions while I was there, because why not keep needing them from being a problem if I can, right? Turns out, I didn't really need them any more than I usually do, but better to have them and not need them than the other way around, I suppose.

Getting through the cave, when I finally got back, was a real breeze, even compared to normal. I just went through beating the hell out of the monsters in there. I usually run from more battles, but I think I only ran from one, a group of Jellies. In this case, Rydia's level is a little higher than I usually get it, and so is Cecil's, for that matter.

Along the way, I figured I'd see what kind of monsters were in the field between the two parts of the cave. Looks like just what's in the deserts either side of the place, but I figured it would be interesting to find out what was there anyway.

This is also where we get Cecil's first set of weapon and armor upgrades. Thing of it is, there's no shield that I can remember finding. Otherwise, everything he's got now is called “Darkness”. Another thing I've kinda noticed is the little ponds in the background. Maybe it's just me, but those little ponds kind of look like the saucer section of the Starship Enterprise.

Since I was breezing through things, I went ahead with taking out Octomamm, too. Really beat the hell out of him, too. I left off just outside the far side of the cave there. I'll go on with the bombing of Damcyan Castle next time.

The last couple days, I've been thinking about one of the things that inspired me to do this particular game first. It's not just that it's my favorite game of all time. That's part of it, sure, but not all of it. See, one of my favorite Let's Players, CLG's AppleGod, is doing an LP of a hack of this game that takes the story in a completely different direction, starting at about the time the party goes to Fabul. It's an interesting twist on a long-time favorite, and I'd kind of like to see how it actually ends. I can understand the delays, of course. I'm sure Apple's been busy of late, especially considering that December was hard on the guy, like it tends to be.

Anyway, here's to more fun for, and from, everybody in the near future.

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