Friday, March 25, 2016

TEXT PLAY Second Run: Final Fantasy 4 (SNES, 1991): Issue #001: One More Time, I Guess

Since this go really is just me messing around, I'm going to forgo the more long-winded intro.

Before I do jump on in, though, there are a couple things I should make note of. The first is that since I am just screwing around this time, a good many of these may very well cover more than one play session. Not sure how frequent that will be, but since I've already gone over the story once, and like I said in my overview post about these second runs, there are about a bajillion Let's Plays of this game on YouTube if you want to get more details. I'd recommend HCBailly's channel because he's done at least three playthroughs of different versions of the game.

The other thing is that this is likely going to be more about my getting things that I either didn't last time or flip-flopped about at the time. Part of me is saying that a good many of these things are going to be kind of tedious, grinding or farming sort of things that will almost certainly take awhile. At the same time, though, I look back at my last run through this game here, and I think I just randomly stumbled across the Bomb summon. I don't recall using it more than just the once to see what it did, but I did have it, I think. Either way, this is one of those things where some of this stuff may turn out to be less time consuming and difficult than I'm thinking, and kind of hoping, right now. So let's see how all that works out, shall we?

After taking care of some technical difficulties, I spent a little time playing around with a little trick that allows for cloning most of the weapons and/or shields the characters might have equipped during battles. This is the one where you unequip the weapon or shield to be duplicated during a battle, then finish the battle, either by running away or killing the monsters, and then re-equipping said item from the menu screen after the battle. I'm pretty sure to get it to work, you've gotta select the open slot in the items menu first during the fight to get it to work.

This was mainly done on the peninsula south and east of Baron Castle. The only summoned monster that I know that can be had there is the Imp, and I was sort of hoping I'd get lucky and wind up getting it this early in the game, but that rarely happens. So, after building up to five each of the weapons and shields Cecil and Kain had and getting a level for Cecil, I gathered all the free items to be had in the town of Baron at this point and stayed at the Inn before going to the start of the Mist Cave and saving.

On my way through the cave, I did a little more grinding, just so I could get Kain up to level eleven and have him there long enough to enjoy it before he winds up out of the party after the fight with Rydia in a bit. I added to my supply of cloned weapons and shields, too. In my screwing around, I wound up letting Cecil's HP drop down to the double digits, which is something I don't think I let happen since the first couple times I played the game.

Once I got my supplies of everything I wanted up to ten, I just went ahead with the boss fight at the end of the cave. That also went pretty much the same as it usually does, except that this time, I wound up accidentally hitting the dragon in its cloud form. It's been awhile since that's happened, too.

Otherwise, nothing has happened that I didn't cover in my last runthrough. The Village of Mist still gets blown up; Rydia still summons the Titan that brings down the mountains on the group; all that fun stuff. I'll pick up with the trip to Kaipo and through the Watery Pass next time. There's no telling what might happen, but I'm still hoping it'll be interesting.

Either way, see you then, everybody.

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