Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hello and Welcome...

Howdy-do, blogverse!  It's time I started my own blog, which is something that I probably should have done years ago.  It's certainly something I've thought about from time to time, but have never really gotten around to doing very much of.

Sure, I've been writing and posting essays and tidbits and stuff around the web for years now, most recently on That Guy With The Glasses in the Looking Back and Recent Discoveries series, both of which I have a good deal fun with; and to a blog site called Bad Ass News, which, I'm afraid, won't be updated very much after this, as it wasn't my idea originally, and I'm about out of ideas for what to do with it because the guy who started it isn't doing anything to help with it, when I understood, or perhaps misunderstood, that he would be.  But, oh well, live and learn, right?  That's one reason why I'm starting this, really.

See, I'm pretty much just like everybody else.  I kinda like getting rewarded for my work.  At least with TGWTG, I can say I get that in the form of free, or relatively free high quality entertainment.  With Bad Ass News, I'm doing the work but getting nothing beyond the ability to say that in return.  Not sure what the dude who came up with the idea gets.  I just hope there's no money involved in this.

So anyway, the way things are going, I don't know how much longer Bad Ass News will last.  I said I'd give it until the 14th of November 2010 before I give it up, but I may do so before then, depending on how things go.

Originally, I was going to call this blog "J. Michael Shearer's Passing Thoughts And Other Weird Ideas".  The basic thought process behind all of this is that I'll just post things here that I want to write something about but don't want to post on TGWTG, my deviantART page, FictionPress, or FanFiction Net.  That could range from sort fiction of both fan and original varieties to rants to gamer's journals to, well, who knows, just about anything/   I won't guarantee anything, but I might even post videos and/or new art here from time to time.  We'll just have to see how I feel about it, and if I can get a working webcam and figure out how to use it to make decent videos with it.  But I do know it'll be my own content, written with my own rules on my own schedule

Just how far I'll make it with that, I'm not sure, but it'll be interesting to see what becomes of it.

Until next time, see you soon, dear readers.

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