Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Knowing When To Quit

Sometimes, a guy just has to know when to quit.  One of those times for me came recently, regarding a different blog I was writing for.

The name of the blog was Bad Ass News, started by some 16-year-old kid that I'd come across in the chat room for a webcast I watch on Friday nights.  Right then and there, I should have known that it was a bad idea to say I'd help this kid with his little project.  After all, I was a 16-year-old boy once.  My intentions were usually good, but my follow-through was awful.  It wasn't that I didn't mean to get things done.  I did.  I just had trouble motivating myself to do them, even with tons of outside help.

And so it was with Bad Ass News.  This kid that I'd never really met outside that one Webcast chat had asked me to help him do a blog on "cool news", and I'd been foolhardy enough to say yes.  Given the circumstances, I'm not, nor should I be, surprised that this did not go well.

The last straw came during the most recent show of the ZipperFish Live Webcast on uStream.  My young "friend" had won a contest a couple weeks ago and pestered the host into making him a logo for another blog he was doing.  I should have seen that he wasn't going to show up to claim it when I'd seen that the second blog hadn't been updated in two weeks and that I was the only one making posts to Bad Ass News.

So between failing to do anything himself with the blogs that he had created and not claiming the prize he had pretty much begged for, I finally found myself coming to the conclusion that it was little more than a wast of my time to continue writing for an idea who's creator could not back it up.

So now, I'm on to something that I can actually make work.  I can feel good about making that change.  It'll be good to make these things happen as I want, when I want, and not have to worry so much about what anyone else has to say about it.

Now, what can one expect to see here?  Well, as I may have said before, just random passing thoughts and crazy ideas that I've come up with in the course of my days, but also movie reviews, essays that I don't have any other place for, art of various sorts, links I find interesting, and various other things.

One thing I may try here are Player's Logs for various games I have in my collection.  Two prime contenders for me right now are Legend of Mana and the Origins version of Final Fantasy 2 for the PlayStation.  I'm not entirely sure how far I'll go with any of those things, but they're certainly fun ideas to at least try once.

But anyway, I'm moving on with things, which is, in a way, moving back to things I've done before, but that can be sort of the same thing

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