Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Clicking With Much Prejudice

I think I'll be a little imp because of some fake coupons circulating the Web for the place I work.

Yeah, so there may be a few fake Wendy's coupons floating around out there. Right now, it's supposed to be one from Wendy's/Arby's Group or some such thing. It's a fake, so it won't be any good.

But I'm assuming there are legitimate ones out there, too. Feel free to use those, just to let the folks at my day job know that web coupons are a good idea. Plus, I could use a little clickthrough revenue from this blog, too.

And speaking of clicking on things, I see that my stats say that no specific posts are being read or looked at any more. Is that because I'm not putting anything worth your time up? I'm curious because I use the stats to help me decide what I should do more or less of. Comments help in the same way.

So anyway, feel free to click away. Do me a favor, huh? It would be much appreciated.

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