Monday, April 4, 2011

An Interesting Treat: Honey Maple Mustard

Here's an interesting treat for my fellow foodies out there: honey maple mustard.

You read that right.  Honey maple mustard.  This is something I've never heard of before, so when I saw the bottle in the grocery store this evening, I knew I had to pick a bottle up, even if it was $3.50 for 10 ounces.

So when I got home and finished putting my groceries away, I decided I'd make myself a tuna sandwich with some of this stuff on there.  It's an interesting flavor.  There's the honey and the mustard, of course, but I never though adding maple to that mix would ever come out nearly as good as it did.  I think it'll go good on a lot of other things, too.

Since I'm such a fan of pancakes and maple syrup, one of those other things is going to have to be pancakes.  Sure, it sounds a little weird, but it'll probably turn out really good.  I'll be giving it a shot at the first opportunity.

So, give this stuff a shot if you can find it.  The brand I got was Ingerhoff, I believe.  Cool stuff.

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