Monday, May 9, 2011

Notes From Work: Elmo

There's a close second to the sort of personality I wrote about in my last entry in this series, and this is it.

The reasoning is pretty much the same, as last time, too. It's not so much an issue of my being able or unable to handle the behavior or the personality type. It's that it's happening on company time.

I'm sure most readers know that Elmo is a character on the kids show Sesame Street. What might not be clear is that this character is that he's supposed to be a perpetual four year old. That's not such a bad thing for a character on a kids show.

On the other hand, when we're talking about 30-somethings like myself, that sort of personality is perhaps not such a good thing, especially when it comes out on the job. Anyplace else, sure, fine. It works.

What might make this a somewhat worse problem than what I was talking about in The Transparent Closet is that I'm not just talking about one person so much as I am a group of a half dozen. And to amplify it more, it's all happening in a small, somewhat enclosed space full of hard surfaces.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that these people can be happy while on the job. In fact, I'd go as far to say that I'm even a little jealous. This is not to say that I'm particularly unhappy with my job. I do enjoy it enough that I've stayed with it for quite a long time.

It's just that being at work with a group of people who seem to constantly be giggling about one thing or another does begin to become more than a little fatiguing after a certain amount of time, which has, rather sadly in this case, long since passed.

I can't claim to know the specifics of what brings this out because I don't really care to find out. Generally speaking, this is because I've learned, in the typically hard manner, that it's often best to just stay the hell out of that kind of business, and for the most part I do because I want others to return the favor.

But anyway, this may very well be the last entry in this specific series. I know it will be for the time being, but there may be more to come later.

The whole Passing Thoughts thing will continue on, of course. I've still got plenty of those. And maybe I'll actually be able to get back to them now that I'm pretty much done worrying about this set.

Chances are, it'll do me a lot of good if I do that.

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