Sunday, May 22, 2011

Text Play: Breath of Fire (SNES): Issue #18: Looking For Slippy Toad

And it's been almost a month again since I've done this. I've been meaning to, but my procrastination strikes again.

But anyway, let's get on with this, shall we?

Now, when we left off last time, Bleu said she needed Oil of Frog to heal the dude that Corte turned into a monster. I can't remember how I figured this one out when I was playing this game in high school, but I suspect I found my way to the cave in the west part of Gust as I searched for clues. In that cave is a fly who says he's hungry but can't eat a meal he horked from one of the villagers, so he'll eat the heroes instead. Beating the fly is only hard because he's faster than the party members. Also, I think I may have messed up Nina's armor last time I adjusted it, because the fly one-hit-killed her right at the start of the fight, and that's going to be a problem for the rest of this issue because I wasn't sure if it was that I messed up or if it's just that Nina's defense is just shit no matter how high I get that stat.

But once you've kicked the fly's ass, collect the corpse, which is now a G.Fly, and take it to some frogs. For this, I did consult the strategy guide I've been using to figure out where the frogs were. There's this cave that's kinda south-east of Gust, but to get there, you've gotta go in the ocean and use Gobi's fish mode to get there. Yeah, it's remote and kinda stupid. But then again, I think I may already have mentioned the Rules of RPGs that County Line Gaming's Apple came up with. Fifty-three steps to success, as always.

Back in Gust, Bleu uses the oil on the guy you beat down before and he gets better. He says that the plant that Corte used to make the village go retarded will go to seed and help him destroy the world. Guess who gets to go slice up a flower garden.

The good news is that this is no Little Shop of Horrors, so whacking this weed is not so much hard as it is tedious, as the thing has a ton of health and pretty decent defense against most of what you can throw at it. Put the beatdown on it, and it explodes. Corte lets you go, so head back to Gust for now. Everybody's better there, but the monster man turns out to have changed back into a monster while you were away. Bleu says she fucked up. No shit. At least the guy's girlfriend believes you now.

Beating this guy a second time isn't particularly hard. Sadly, he still managed to kill Nina by puking on her. I'm gonna have to look into fixing that. Once he goes down, Bleu zaps him with a Bolt spell, which seems to make him well for real. With that taken care of, the dude tells you he'll fix a broken bridge so you can finally get to Scande, maybe.

Of course, this can't be nearly as easy as it sounds. Corte is back, and he turns into a giant horned toad to fight you. The strategy guide I've been using said that this would be an easy fight, but for me, it really wasn't. This thing managed to kill both Nina and Bleu multiple times before I ran out of Life potions. At least I won, though, so it's off to Scande.

Along the way, you'll see a cute mole girl poking her head out of a hole in a dry area. This may be worth checking out. But that'll have to wait until next time, in Issue 19: Bad Grammor!

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