Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Passing Thoughts On: The UCSB Mass Murder

Yeah, here's another thing I'm a little late on. But I said I'd do a piece about it in the second issue of the Final Fantasy 8 Text Play, so I might as well get on with it.

A couple weeks ago, there was a mass murder at the University of California's Santa Barbara campus. As I understand it, the shooter killed six women and then himself, saying that he did it because he was always getting ignored by women.

With the basic facts as I understand them, as poorly as it may be, out of the way, it's time to get down to my thoughts on this. I remember doing a piece something like this after the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, a few years ago, on my uSteam Show. The same thought occurs to me now as did then, in that I must wonder if we really didn't see any signs of this coming, and if we didn't, why did we not? Because there certainly had to be signs, dots to be connected, and it truly worries me that that did not happen.

Worse yet, there's reason to believe that in this one case, people may have indeed see it coming, and for some reason, either could not or did not act on what they knew. This is a case of an over-priveleged, if not downright spoiled, rich white boy who came face to face with the fact that flashing his daddy's credit card would no longer get him whatever he wanted and deciding that killing a few people was the right way to go about changing that. From what I understand, the guy who did it wrote a rather long manifesto about it, as well as putting out several YouTube videos on the matter in the days and hours leading up to the tragic deaths of these people.

The thing that truly bothers me about this is that there's evidence that people saw this coming, and yet none of them could or would do anything to at least minimize the loss of life. It's a frightening thing that even as this shooter was saying that he was going to do exactly what he wound up doing, and was buying the materials to do it with, the culture we all live in considered him all talk until he went into that sorority house, if I have my facts right, and started shooting.

I've got a few other marginally related thoughts that only tangentally go along with this, but would probably be better served in their own post, which I'm intending to get to soon.

Until then, some video game stuff to maybe lighten the mood a bit. See you soon.

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