Wednesday, June 25, 2014

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy 6 (SNES; Square 1994): Issue #029: Belly Of The Beast

OK, kind of a change in plans, here, friends and neighbors.

See, at the end of the last issue, I said I'd be going after Gau. Thing is, though, I kind of forgot that I can only have three party members when I do that, which is kind of a problem at present. Changing that would be no problem, were I not limited to only four party members right now. If I knew how to get the airship and still only have three characters in the party, or if I had one more, I could have gone with my original plan. Since I'm kind of stuck with four right now, I'm going to have to go for one more.

There were a few options, and after running around for a bit, I decided I'd go for one of the two unlockable bonus characters available in this part of the game: Gogo. Before I made that decision, I looked around Doma Castle, because there was a hint about dream demons invading people's minds there, and we'll have to deal with that when we finally get Cyan back. Then I tried Narshe, but the wolf pickpocket from before made it sound like we'd need Locke to get Mog back, and the other bonus character as well, so that'll have to wait awhile.

To get Gogo, we'll need to go to a triangle-shaped island in the northeastern part of the map. There's a monster called the Zone Eater there. We'll need to let it eat the party. That may, at first, seem like a bad idea, but trust me, this will work. Once we get inside, there are quite a few good items to be had, including a Thunder Shield, which will absorb damage from lightning attacks and teach Bolt 2.

The bad news is that getting through this thing can be a real bear sometimes. There are some really tough monsters in there, including ninjas, sadly. On top of that, there's a section with guys in green who block the bridges we need to get across and will throw us off if we get too close to them. This is made more difficult by the fact that they move.

Past that, there's a room with a moving ceiling that will crush the party unless they're in one of a very few gaps. The good news is that once we're past there, it's relatively easy to finally get Gogo. There's a save point a couple rooms before we get this character. There's a fixed-point battle with two Ogors, and yes, that's how it's spelled, that's really not all that hard a thing to deal with. When we recruit Gogo, we find that we're dealing with what may very well be the first of only two gender-neutral characters in the series. The brief description given before we name the character says “Shrouded in strange clothing, is this a man, or a woman, or do we even want to ask...?”

Gogo introduces itself as a master of the simulacrum and says that its ability to mime others' abilities will come in handy and that it'll join after hearing the story. After that, it's a fairly easy trip back out of the Zone Eater. Once we get back to where we were after it ate us, there's a beam of light to step into, which will take us back out. When we get back to the airship, Gogo will be there waiting for us.

So, with that, I'll wrap this up and go for Gau next time for real, and hopefully, it won't prove as problematic as getting myself set up to do it did. See you then, folks, and DFTBA!

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