Wednesday, June 18, 2014

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy 6 (SNES; Square 1994): Issue #028: Setzer, Daryl, and Daryl

So I went for a Newhart reference. It almost kind of fits.

Anyway, picking up from last time, we're on our way onto Daryl's Tomb to get another airship, conveniently stored away in a super-fortified mausoleum that Setzer built for his girlfriend Daryl, who was the only other airship pilot in the world. I'll get into just what happened to her later, but I will say now that it's tragic.

There are a lot of undead monsters in the Tomb. Quite a few of them can hit you with the Zombie status effect, but most also drop the Revivify item, which cures that. Best of all, they don't use the status attack as often as they drop the item, so it's easy to walk out of the tomb with a net gain in that department.

There are also two relics to be found in there: the Czarina Ring, which protects against many of the status effects that the monsters attack with now, and something called the Exp. Egg, which will double the experience gained. I'm assuming that applies only to whomever's got it equipped, but it would be nice if that meant the whole party instead.

There's a clue to getting the experience egg, but I didn't really need it. There's one room of a third level in this dungeon. Just follow the bottom wall to the right, through a secret passage. It'll take you to a little room with a chest that has the egg in it.

To get the clue, you have to go through a real hassle of pulling an extra switch in the second basement level before you flood it to open a room with four stones in it, each with four letters on it. These are supposed to be used to spell out “The World Is Square” backwards on a fifth, blank stone that can be found in a side room on the first floor. It's a fun little tidbit, but not entirely necessary, from what I can tell.

Once the second floor is flooded, ride the turtle to the second part of this dungeon. There's really not much farther to go here. It's pretty straightforward. There's a room with a save point and two chests in it. One's the czarina ring, the other's got a miniboss called Presenter in it. It's got a Dragon Claw for Sabin, which is Pearl elemental. Turns out, casting the Break spell on the Presenter when it's in it's shell kills it. Not sure I knew that before.

After that, there's a big room with Daryl's actual grave in it. Reading the inscription makes a monster called Dullahan appear. It's not really a hard fight, but it is kind of a long one. Just gotta keep hitting him with fire spells until he dies again.

After the fight, a door opens in the back, which leads into a passage where Daryl's airship, the Falcon, is. As Setzer leads the way, he tells us about how he and Daryl were very much in love, as much with flying as each other. Eventually, Daryl decided she was going to set an altitude record, and after one last race with Setzer, she went for it, agreeing to meet him at their special place at sunset. When she didn't show, Sezer's heat was broken because he knew something was wrong. A year later, they found the wreckage, which Setzer rebuilt and buried it as a tribute. Now, it looks like it's our only hope. It's just amazing that the thing still works after having been buried for so long and the end of the world.

Once the ship is in the air, the party sees a bird that leads them to the town of Miranda, where an old lady has some clues to other party members. One's Gau, since she talks about the Veld. There are also a few in Narshe. We'll be going for Gau first, when we pick up next time, and then off to Narshe. Some people do mention Cyan, too, but I got stuck trying to get him last time I tried this game, so I'll go after the others first.

See you soon, friends!

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