Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mixlr Podcast: The JMShearer Show: Construction Update #2

Gonna try sharing this here, though I don't know how well it'll work out.

This is probably the longest bit of audio work I've ever done.  More than an hour of me blabbering into my mic and not making any sense in the process.  It's two parts because I use the free version and can only go for an hour straight before I have to stop the recording and start again.

This will be kind of a quick-and-dirty share of this week's show because, as I'll be getting to in an upcoming post, I've actually got a fair amount to learn about this thing I do.  So, in the meantime, here's a chance to hear my goofy-ass voice while you wait.

Here's part one.  And here's part two.

Part one is about a few things that have been more or less on my mind the last week or so.  Part two is about the possibility of my actually doing some sort of voice acting off a script written by somebody else.  Gotta say, I'm excited and nervous about that.  It might actually lead to better things for me in the future.

Hopefully, I'll actually be able to get a handle on this whole speaking thing by then.  Wish me luck.

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