Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sharp Spikes

This is something that I find a bit odd, really.

I've been unintentionally neglecting my blog here for the last week or so, and the results have been pretty much what one might expect in that there haven't been terribly many hits in that time. The only exception has been the very early hours of this morning, Tuesday the 26th of May, 2015. Gotta say, I'm at a loss as to why that might be, and I'm a little suspicious as well. This is because I wound up getting in the area of 125 hits for some reason, and I really don't know why. That kind of worries me, because, as I said, I'd just not done any writing at all for this thing the last week, in spite of my intentions otherwise, and still got a ton of hits all at once for no obvious reason.

This thing where I'll have my normal traffic, or the kind of traffic one can expect when they post the way I've been posting lately, anyhow, and then get a big spike in hits at some odd hour has happened at least two other times I can think of, both relatively recently. Is it bots of some kind? If so, what might they be looking for? If it's trolls or something, well, I can sort of guess what they're looking for, and I suspect I'm giving them what they want right now.

A disturbing thing in this is that I was at the grocery store last night and had this feeling that something unfortunate was going to be happening soon. I usually hope I'm wrong in thinking that, and this time's no different. I really hope it's not connected to these really odd traffic patterns I've been getting lately. There's a real chance it means I could wind up losing this blog, and I'd prefer to not have that happen if I can avoid it.

I just hope this is something I can get figured out and possibly corrected.

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