Sunday, November 15, 2015

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (Square, SNES, 1992): Issue #016: Chicago

Well, it is a Windy City, after all.

Before we get into the goings on here, though, I said I was going to have a look at vgmaps to see what I kinda skipped over when I finished that last battlefield. The reward there was 2808 XP.

The next battlefield to the east has Water Hags and Vampires in it. The Vampires are new, I think, and are pretty much what you'd think. Weak against wind, of course, and I still think the Water Hags are an odd choice, but a nice twist for the area. The reward there is 2700 XP. The good, if unfortunate thing here is that this is the last of these battlefields in the game and there are a few cool items left that we'll be needing.

When we get into Windia itself, things are really getting blown around. There's a lady looking for somebody called Norma. There's also a guy who says that some guy called Otto built the tower north of town, but then a monster called Pazuzu took it over. That's a familiar name somehow, but we'll get to that later. The shops all sell what you might expect them to, and there's an old lady who says she'll sell us some seeds when the wind goes down. There's another person who sells something called the Cupid Charm. I think it'll defend against a few of the remaining status ailments, which will come in handy.

When we go see this Otto fellow, he says he's too busy to help because he needs to fix his Rainbow Road machine on account of the wind having fucked it up. The only other clue he gives us is that we need to go to someplace called Mount Gale.

The monsters on Mount Gale are familiar ones by now, so I'll pass on going over them again. There's also the final helmet in the game, the Apollo Helm. I do believe it defends against the last of the status effects, as well.

The boss on the mountain is Dullahan, who confirms something I think we already knew, that Pazuzu's the one who's draining the Air Crystal. He also tells us that we're never going to get to have a go at him because Dullahan's going to kill us first. The thing about this fight is that it tends to lead to bullshit deaths, like quite a few of them tend to be in this game. Dullahan will be the basis for a monster later in the game, once again, as is common in this game.

Winning this boss fight does bring down the wind in Windia, but I'll get to the results of that next time. As it is, I've been at this for long enough for one night, so until next time, stay safe, have fun, keep gaming, and DFTBA!

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