Wednesday, November 18, 2015

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (Square, SNES, 1992): Issue #017: Heywood J. Ablomie

Well, the last of our weapons and spells are collected, and the last of the crystals we know of is relit now.

To get to that point from where we were at the end of the last issue, I started in Otto's house, where he said that since the wind had died down, he could turn on his Rainbow Road again, allowing us access to Pazuzu's Tower. I guess we'll be playing Exorcist or something while we're there, if I know my horror movies right. Knowing me, though, I may not.

Otto explains that the big trick to beating Pazuzu here is not holy water and Catholic chanting, but simply trapping him on an even numbered floor by hitting the power switches on the elevator in the tower until we get him cornered. The actual fight against the bird guy himself wasn't so bad, really. It was just a matter of spamming him with Aero and White spells until he dropped dead from it. Even had him trapped on the first floor I found him on, because I wound up flipping the switch on the sixth floor, and thats where he was to begin with. Not sure if that's where he is all the time, or if the game's coded to have him on random floors each time.

The harder fights were with the minion enemies along the way. In the tower are quite a few self-explanatory enemies. The Garudas were kind of like the bird enemies we were seeing in the Bone Dungeon. There were also Sorcerers, Gargoyles, Manticores, Thanatos, Nagas, and Beholders, all of which range from the wizards to the eyeball monsters we've seen before, some of which were based on previous bosses. Even the Chimeras were pretty easy to handle.

The Flare spell is on the sixth floor; the Excalibur, the last sword in the game, is on the fourth. I had to get those on my way out simply because I kind of blundered into the fight with Pazuzu before I had a chance to get them otherwise. It's not like the fight was super hard without them, really, so no big deal there.

There's also the business of Otto's daughter Norma. She's just standing there on the platform on the right when the party comes in. Talking to her's pretty much the first thing to do, and there's no good reason not to, since she's pretty much right there. She goes running home, leaving Ben and Kailee to clear the tower.

There's still a couple last things to do before finishing the game, but we'll get to at least one of those next time, so until then, stay safe, have fun, keep gaming, and DFTBA!

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