Friday, November 27, 2015

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (Square, SNES, 1992): Issue #019: Holey Ship...

Just going to pick this up at the back entrance to Spencer's Place. I guess the little mini quest we had to go on last time was why Phoebe set off that Plot Convenience Bomb when we last had decent reason to be in Aquaria. When we get in there, thanks to the Thunder Rock and Otto's Rainbow Road, Reuben sets off another Mega Grenade, this time draining the lake in Aquaria to flood the basin below and float Captain Mac's boat. I guess fucking up the town of Aquaria also floats a few boats in this game. Wouldn't be the first time someone with a bomb has done it. This time, we took out their water supply, too...

At least it opens up the way to the Mobius Crest, which is pretty much the last item in the game we need to get, aside from the Captain's Cap, but we'll get that soon enough.

Back in Windia, Otto tells us we can get to Mac's boat now. Kailee wants to go right away, but Reuben tells her to let us go first because the ship is full of monsters. I gotta wonder just how the hell he knows that, since there's no readily obvious way he could. Unless, of course, he happened to see somehow when he fell off the bridge.

Turns out he's right, though. There are a lot of monsters on that boat. I kind of remembered what I needed to do to finish this part of the game, but I still went looking for a boss monster instead. I beat more of the monsters than I have in a long time, and all I can really say is, well, this Unreal Tournament soundbite sums it up:

To finish this dungeon, we have to talk to Captain Mac, who's down in the forward hold on the lowest deck. He's glad to have his hat back, of course. When his daughter shows up, they head back to Windia so he can rest up from his ordeal at the Inn.

On the way to town, we run into Spencer and Tristam, who tell us that Phoebe is looking for us, and we should go see here right away. It's not like we wouldn't have figured it out, but this game is supposed to make things easy for us by design.

Back in town, Mac tells us that there's a part of the “Dark King Prophecy” we've been taking care of we don't know: that there's one big bad guy behind the four who took the crystals, and we have to beat him to save the world. He also says we can use his boat to get to the entrance to Doom Castle.

When we go talk to Phoebe, Reuben pulls a Prince Edward and keels over from the injuries he got from falling off the Rope Bridge. This means that Phoebe will be joining us for the boss rush and final battle in Doom Castle.

But we'll at least get started on that next time, folks, so until then, stay safe, have fun, keep gaming, and DFTBA!

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