Sunday, November 29, 2015

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (Square, SNES, 1992): Issue #020: Boss Rush, Part One

The end of this game is probably going to be in three parts mostly because I'm going to be lazy about it.

I also kind of need to start going to bed at a more reasonable time than I have been lately. For as little a hindrance as that's been lately, I've gotta change how I'm doing these things, and I've gotta start someplace, after all.

Getting started with Doom Castle, we're going in on the B2 level, which is where we found the Aero spell on the way to Windia. There's the one last piece of equipment we need to get here before the end of the game. It's the Ageis Shield. It adds protection against the Stone status effect, which pretty much makes Ben invincible against most of the status and elemental attacks in the game. I do believe earth and instant-death attacks are the only ones that still work on him. Otherwise, he's immune to everything but physical attacks.

As for the minor enemies in this part of the game, I do believe the only ones that we haven't seen, or at least that I haven't mentioned yet are the Shadow, a ninja-type enemy that we could have run into on Mac's Ship last time, but I didn't somehow, for all the fights I did do there; and the Cerberus, a dog enemy that we may have run into in the Alive Forrest, if not the Volcano and/or Lava Dome, now that I think about it. The only other monsters of any real note here are the boss monsters we need to take out to advance to each maze in succession.

Since the very basement is a desert level, we have to fight the Skullerous Rex, a somewhat stronger version of the Flamerous Rex from the Bone Dungeon. The challenge of getting to him has to do with the fact that the floor in the main part of this level is some fast-paced quicksand or whatever it's supposed to be. Because the strategy for this guy and the next are really pretty much the same, I'll just say what that is after the next one.

The second boss here is the Stone Golem. Just like the Skullerous Rex is a beefed up version of the Flamerous Rex, this is a beefed up version of the Ice Golem. The only real threat from this particular boss is its Corrosive Gas attack, which is pretty much an instant-death attack. But really, neither of these two bosses are all that difficult if you just spam them with the White spell. Easy enough, since both Ben and Phoebe have it. And there's really no reason to worry about running out, either, since we can buy seeds now. I think we could buy them in Windia, for sure, and maybe even in Fireburg, and there's also a guy on the middle deck of the boat who sells them, too. And since this is like most of the main series games, we've got a crapload of money to spend on them if need be.

Really, though, the magic seeds are about the only expendable we'd really need to buy very many of in this game. Everything else, we'll wind up finding plenty of along the way, so there's really no danger of running out of anything, as I'm sure I've said before. And when I get to the very end of the game next issue, we'll see that that'll be doubly so. But that'll be for next time, folks.

Until then, stay safe, have fun, keep gaming, and DFTBA!

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