Saturday, December 3, 2016

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation, 2000, Square-Enix): Issue #012: Tate R. Tot

Doctor Tate R. Tot.

When we left off last time, Steiner and Dagger had just gotten to the tram station in Alexandria and I'd picked up some equipment for the pair. If Dagger tries to step back out to the entryway, she hears Cinna's voice outside, complaining that he'd missed the tram back to Lindblum. Turns out here's outside with Marcus, who's on his way to Treno like Dagger and Steiner. The plan these two have is to get something called Supersoft to revive Blank.

At first, they don't see Dagger, but find Steiner when they go into the shop area of the station and have an argument with him about what's going on. Dagger talks her guard down and joins in the plan with the Tantalus boys. Cinna's going back to Lindblum to tell the others that they're going forward while Marcus joins the party for the dealings in Treno.

Treno is like a combination of Zozo and Jiudoor from Final Fantasy 6. The residents are all either nobles or thieves, and somebody even manages to hork 1000 gold from Dagger in an ATE. There's also a battle arena that's purely optional, far as I can tell, an auction house that might play a part in the plot, and a card tournament that will indeed play a part in the story in a bit.

The party is split for awhile as Dagger goes looking around for herself and Marcus goes to report to Baku, leaving Steiner to sort things out for himself. There's actually quite a lot going on in town, with active time events showing the Tantalus members in town putting their plan in motion while Dagger realizes that she's got plenty to learn still. Dagger eventually finds her way to the auction house where she sees Kuja. While she recognizes him, she can't place him.

Steiner catches up to her and they go off to the Inn, where Baku and Marcus are getting ready to go into the building where the Supersoft is. As the party, made up of Marcus, Dagger and Steiner take their boat along the canal, Dagger and Steiner have second thoughts about why they're doing all of this. This same scene made me realize I got it backwards last time. Dagger knows what her mother is doing but thinks she's got a good reason while Steiner doesn't want to see or hear it.

At the same time, Kuja's having a word with the auctioneer. As it happens, he may have his own plans for Alexandria and is just taking advantage of the queen's lust for conquest.

When the team gets to the shop where their target item is, they run into a guy called Doctor Tot, who knows where it is and will get it for them. All they have to do is rest up for a bit and meet him at the tower with the locked door later. The party takes cover when the shopkeeper comes along, and Tot tells the dude he was just there for some more ink.

This is a good place to stop for the night, and the issue, since I'm pretty sure of where to go to finish this part. The moogle that helps save this time around is kind of a tricky little devil to get to. We've gotta chase him out of a tower and then catch him when he's not actively playing with a dog to actually save. He's got a message from Stiltzkin, reminding us that Zidane and that part of the gang needs to head for Cleyra, which is in the Vube Desert. We'll get to at least part of that next time, though. Until then, stay safe, keep gaming, have fun, and DFTBA!

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