Monday, March 5, 2012

A Basic Plan: March, 2012

This is as much for my own benefit as anyone's, but I'm sure you're all interested, too.

So, the first thing on my list of things I want to accomplish here is making this at least a bi-monthly thing. I want to sit down and write out what I think I'm going to get done in the next month or two between Basic Plan posts. I don't expect anybody but me to hold me to this. I'm just doing it because I know there are a few things in my life that need to change right now, and I'm hoping this will help me do it. I want to remember to do another one of these in early April, and with any luck, by then, I will also have accomplished the things that follow, as well.

First on the list is the stuff from my old floppies. There are some things there I want to get posted here, but need to do some work on to make presentable. I can think of several ways to go about that, but the most practical, or at least the simplest, one that comes to mind right now is to just go ahead and activate the copy of MS Works that seems to have come installed on my PC. As I said before, I'd really rather not, because my understanding is that Works is an obsolete productivity suite. It's just that I can't think of any other way to do what I need to do.

It occurs to me that the next smartest thing for me to do before I actually install or activate anything would be to see if I need to use Works for anything else from the old floppies. I've only just done the two CD-Rs that I talked about before, and I'm sure the others have stuff that might be just as interesting, but I want to be sure of that.

On the Text Play front, those that read the Final Fantasy 4 playthrough already know what game I'm planning to do next. For those who haven't, the next game is Legend of Mana. I've got a loose estimate for when I want to start that, but it's nothing exact yet. See, right now I'm playing Final Fantasy 7 in my spare time, and I at least want to get out of Midgar before I start Legend of Mana. I'm not exactly sure how long that's going to take me. Hopefully, I'll be able to pull that off in the next month or so, but I make no guarantees. I'll make updates as they become relevant.

One last important thing going on right now is my ongoing attempt to lose some weight. I'm not going to go into too much detail here beyond just saying that yeah, I've got what I can only call a major issue with my weight, and while I've managed to take off what I'd like to call a decent chunk of that, I still have a long way to go. The thing is, I've been in something of a corner lately, and I'm not quite sure how to get myself out and moving in the right direction again. I do know I need to reassess and change my strategy at least a little bit. I am seeing a professional about that, and should have some advice on what might be good changes. Again, more on that if and when it becomes relevant.

On a more minor note, I'm also trying to motivate myself to sit down and do more video work. Apparently, I'm better at it than I realize, and maybe if I do more of it, I'll actually get someplace with it. I've got a script that I wrote a couple weeks ago but haven't gotten around to filming yet. When I finally do get down to that.

But that pretty much wraps it up for now. As always, more to come as the situation changes and allows. See you then!

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