Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Plans In Flux

I'm beginning to get a picture of how some of my plans might be changing in the near future.

The first thing I know is going to change is my Mixlr show.  It's doubtful that it will happen this week.  If it does, it will most likely be tomorrow night instead of tonight.  If I think I'll have a chance to do it, I'll put word out via my usual channels.  But as of right now, it looks like I'll be skipping this week.  As to what the future holds for next week and beyond in that regards is a picture that's still developing.

As for the rest of the things I do, they're almost certainly going to be more sporadic than before, simply because I'm going to have to start putting more time into finding paying work than I have been, and then being at that job.  The simple fact of it is that if I wasn't having money problems before, I sure as hell am now that I need to buy a vehicle.

On that front, my car situation is certainly worse than I'd like it to be.  The people at the repair shop said that fixing the damage would have cost almost three times what the vehicle was worth, and if I'd have had insurance to cover such repairs, the company wouldn't have covered it.  Therefore, the best option I had was to sell it to a vehicle recycler or junkyard.

Until then, I'm without a vehicle, which is something I really kind of need.  I think I've got a way to pay for it, but it's going to be tough.  Getting another job will help immensely with that burden, and hopefully, that's something I'll be able to get taken care of in the very near future.

Either way, things will still be coming, just at a lesser rate than they have been, especially the last few days.  I may have some more news tomorrow, as well.

So, until tomorrow, stay safe, have fun, DFTBA, and thanks for all the prayers, well-wishes and good thoughts, everyone!

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