Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The JMShearer Show: Aimless Rambling

So, I guess there's interest in the recorded version of this.

I forgot to share last week's episode of the show, and I had people ask me about it, which is something I hadn't expected. This week I had a listener for the second half of the show, which is good and bad. Good because it reminds me that yes, people are interested in listening to me be a moron on the Internet, but bad because it means I actually have to prepare material to talk about when I do it.

Just because it seems like the smart thing to do right now, I think I'm going to pass on sharing last week's episode, but I will share this week's:

And also, here's another interesting Tuesday night podcast:

It's my cousin Timmy Williams, of Whitest Kids U Know fame, talking to a friend on the phone for five minutes each week. He's more coherent and more interesting than I am. Check him out.

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