Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wiped Out

In more ways than one, I'm afraid.

Physically and psychologically, I'm worn the hell out, but that's understandable, given all that's been going on the last couple weeks. Wrecking one's vehicle will have that effect, after all. And then I'm worried about my dad, as well. He's been having a bit of health trouble lately, and it turns out it's his heart. He's scheduled for bypass surgery early next week, which is a good thing. The sooner that gets take care of, the better. Odds are unlikely he'll be well enough to do the things we're both kind of looking forward to, but it's still better to get this taken care of now, before something really bad happens.

And then there's my financial situation. That's something that's been tenuous even before I wrecked my car and had to get a new one. Now the need to increase my income really is dire. I am looking for a second day job as at least a partial remedy to this situation. However, even that may not be enough, which also weighs on my mind. I am not entirely sure what all my options are, though some have been explored to a very minor extent, and I am not sure how to fully take advantage of them.

At least my own physical health is relatively good, for the time being. I'm trying to keep that as something of a positive right now, since it seems to be about all I really do have. With everything else that's been going on, I feel as though I've lost my ability to do this, which is something that has otherwise brought me a good deal of joy for many years.

Getting things back in order is proving to be a real challenge, and I'm not at all sure of how to face it. I'm very lost right now, and I'm just feeling wiped out as a result.

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