Monday, May 2, 2016

TEXT PLAY Second Run: Final Fantasy 4 (SNES, 1991): Issue #005: A Little Rushing Ahead, Part Two

So far, nothing of any real import to mention here.

It's like I said when I first started this. The story's the same as it has been the whole time this game's been out, and if you read through the last time I did this, it's safe to assume that everything's going the same way this time that it did last time.

The biggest difference so far is that I'm getting the crap kicked out of my party this time to a greater extent than last time I did this. But that's got more to do with that I'm half-assing it more now than I was then, too.

The trip through Mt. Hobs was really no big deal. Edward and Rydia kind of got into low health during the fight with Mom Bomb, but that's because I was half dozing through it. Guess that means I need to get back into my exercise routine again. I should be able to do that here next week, or two weeks from now at the latest. Kind of had a cold or the flu or something the last couple weeks, and as I write this section, I'm just about over it.

Something I was thinking about while playing just before I wrote this part, too, is that once I get to Troia, I think I'll sell off most of the stuff I've been cloning up so far and can't use for Edge's throwing technique. It's because there's the “gentlemen's club” thing I might have mentioned last time I did something like this. I'm pretty sure it's something I don't need to do to beat the game. I've done it plenty of times without it. This time, though, I think I'll do it just so I can say in my own words what's in there, and getting the half-million gold for the pass shouldn't be that big an issue. I'm pretty sure it's just one of those things that's there for flavor text or whatever the hell it's called, at least so far as this particular version of the game's concerned, but I'm doing this for the hell of it, so why not, right?

The defense of Fabul went about the way it usually does, as well. The only thing almost of interest here is that one of the Generals that attacks the castle got away when I usually get all of them. With all that taken care of, I made a quick run back to Damcyan to see if I could get the Imp spell quick before I got on the boat to Baron. No luck that front, but I did get a whole mess of Black equipment and Fire Claws cloned up so I can either use them as throwing fodder when I finally get Edge or sell them for the pass to the club later, so not a complete waste.

Once I got back to Fabul, I put most of the spare equipment in storage with the Big Chocobo and then got on the boat. Hadn't really intended to, but I took the little chocobo I got a little too far, so I'll pick up next time at Mysidia. This next part should be easy, if not interesting, since Cecil's a couple levels higher than normal for this part of the game and there are a few monsters coming up that can drop some decent stuff on occasion.

We'll just see when we get there, of course. See you then.

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