Wednesday, May 11, 2016

TEXT PLAY Second Run: Final Fantasy 4 (SNES, 1991): Issue #006: Stuff On Mt. Ordeals

Most of the screwing around here's gonna be on the way down the mountain again.

I think Cecil's stats are a little better as a Paladin, and it's a good idea to grind up his levels a little bit, as well. Plus, this is where I know at least one decent item is, if not more.

The specific one I'll be looking for is called the Zeus Gauntlet for Cecil. It's a rare drop, from a party of two Red Bones and three Skeletons, I think they're called, but I'll try to make better note of it in the second half of this issue. I'm actually not sure I want to get it right now, though, because if I do, I'll wind up using it, and I have a feeling, Cecil will be set for that type of armor the rest of the game if I do that.

There's another thing I came across round about this part of the game last time I did a Text Play of it that was kind of interesting. It was some kind of ring that pretty much made the user useless in fights. I can't recall what it was called, but I think I still have that save, so I can do a little research next session about what it's called and how much it sells for. Might make getting that special pass thing a little easier down the road if it goes for enough. And so will the grinding for it.

As far as the game goes, it's like I said at the start of this, the story's the same, so everybody in Mysidia's rightfully pissed about what Cecil did last time he was there, and some get revenge for it. The Elder is still willing to at least give him a chance and assigns him the task of climbing Mt. Ordeals with Palom and Porom in tow. I'm not sure if I ever really noticed this before, but if one of the twins dies and their levels get a little off, they do eventually catch back up so they gain levels at the same time again, which is kind of cool.

I didn't really have any goodies to put on Tellah when he rejoined the party on the mountain, but I'm sure I'll be able to change that easily enough, what with the screwing around I intend to do on the way back to Mysidia. It'll almost certainly be enough to get some cool stuff along the way.

And I'll just say now, before I do the actual fight with Milon and his minions, that I'm predicting that it'll go the way it usually does, and I'll kick his ass easily enough. I'd have to screw up pretty hard for it to go some other way, but I'll say so if that actually happens.

About the only thing that did go wrong with the prediction above is that I had to do the second half of the battle twice because I forgot to take the last of Cecil's dark knight equipment off the first time. I'm sure it's nothing too terribly important if one forgets, but it's one of those little habits I've got with this game.

One of the downsides to what I've got for time to work on this right now is that it tends to be a little late at night after being at work and doing other stuff. When combined with my unfortunate lack of proper exercise lately and the fact that I've played this game about 30 times, I've been dozing off more often than I'd like. Maybe I'll have a chance to work on this at a more reasonable hour soon, but for now, I'm going to wrap this issue up by saying that I didn't find anything special on the way down Mt. Ordeals this time, but maybe a little more running around will change that.

See you soon folks, and DFTBA!

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