Friday, May 20, 2016

TEXT PLAY Second Run: Final Fantasy 4 (SNES, 1991): Issue #008: Troia or Toroia?

I've seen and heard this both ways.

The original US version, which is, of course, the one I always play from when I do this goes with Toroia for actually quite a ways. I think they do wind up switching to “Troia” in the actual castle, but as of the early part of this writing, I may be wrong about that, so I'll do an update on that later in the post.

From what I've seen in other versions, either through Let's Plays or ones I've actually played myself, the “Troia” spelling and pronunciation seems more common.

As for my first session of this entry, my attempt at actually getting the Imp summon looked like it was going somewhere until I decided that I wasn't comfortable with Cid only having his Prison clothes as armor. It's most certainly sufficient for what I was doing, as was the Wooden Mallet he comes equipped with as well, but I kind of like having my party better equipped than that, so I went off to Silveira to get that equipment for the upcoming plot point.

One thing I did get wrong was thinking that the Inn at the town of Toroia was cheap, considering that the weapons and armor shops sell some rather low-end stuff relative to where it is in the game. But the Inn charges 400 gold, and I'd forgotten that since last time it might have mattered. At least part of the remainder of this issue will probably be spent farming for gold and whatever else I happen to get along the way.

I spent about another half hour or 45 minutes on getting the last of the gold I needed for the last of the weapons and armor for Cave Magnes and trying to farm up the Imp summon. Getting the gold wasn't such a difficult thing, since all I had to do was wander around the forest by Toroia. More of the time was spent trying to get the Imp summon by Damcyan. I stuck with that until the game threw a half dozen or so parties that had no Imps in them. Once that happened, I gave serious enough consideration to just going ahead with getting the Earth Crystal to talk to the rulers at the castle and get the TwinHarp from Edward. I even went to the entrance of the cave it's in.

However, since there's been a bit of a delay between actual playing and writing, I'm on the fence about actually going ahead with that. I may wind up deciding to go back to trying for the Imp spell next time I sit down to work on this, but that'll be for then.

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