Monday, May 23, 2016

TEXT PLAY Second Run: Final Fantasy 4 (SNES, 1991): Issue #009: When Tomorrow Comes

I wound up putting a little time into trying to get the Imp summon again before I went for the Earth Crystal at Toroia. I didn't really get too terribly far with it, but the good news is that my party's levels are finally getting high enough that the drop rate for some of those early monsters is going up a bit, which makes it a little more likely that I'll eventually get what I'm after. I did manage to win a few Rods from the Tiny Mages when I came across them, and a good many of the enemy parties drop Cure1 potions along the way. I'm at a point now where I've got more than a hundred of them, which means I'm going to have two piles of them, one that's at 99 and one that actually builds. I think I'll just keep the one that's at 99 in the active items menu and just keep adding the overage to the Big Chocobo when I get the chance. Odds are, they won't be of terribly much use for much longer, so at some point, I may just wind up selling a lot of them along with so many of the other things I've got for that purpose.

The good news about Cave Magnes is that once the Dark Elf is taken out, the whole magnetic field thing is no longer an issue, which means I'll be able to go back in there and roam at will. That's a good thing because this cave is the one place I know for sure I can find the Mage summon if I really want it. I'm not sure why I would, really, beyond just doing it for the hell of it, like I'm doing with a lot of other things this time around.

As for the Dark Elf himself, I think I might have mentioned last time I did this that he's almost as big a pushover as Kainazzio. It's only almost because it's a multi-part battle, but once he takes on his final form, just have Tellah hit him with a Weak spell, then whoever hits him with anything after that will kill him. Giving him his kick in the ass is just that easy, really.

With regard to what comes next, I think I'll screw around a little more before I show the Council in the castle the crystal. I'm not sure what I'm expecting to find by doing that, but hopefully, it'll be interesting or something. We'll find out together, I guess.

Until then, stay safe, have fun, keep gaming, and DFTBA!

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