Sunday, May 1, 2016

Maybe This Will Be The Month

It’s about time I got on with some things, and maybe this month will be the one when I actually do.

There’s the to-do list I posted the other day, but that’s just been a few, relatively short-term things I want to get done in the next few weeks. I also have other things I at least want to either do or get back to as well.

On top of this other list is getting my health back to a better place. This probably could have been on the first list, but it goes beyond just getting over the cold or flu or whatever the hell it is I’ve had the last couple weeks. I think I’m just about there, but it’s been awhile now, too, and I’m still not there. Hopefully soon, though.

I’d also like to write more than I have been lately. I’ve always enjoyed doing that, to the point that there was, at one point, anyway, something like the idea that I’d be able to do it for a living. Even though that may not be possible any more, it’s a hobby I’d like to do more of again.

And then there’s the podcast/webcast/stream thing I do. It’s been longer than I’d intended since I’ve done that, and now that my health is shaping up again, there’s a good chance that it will be the first thing to come back.

Thing is, though, the biggest part of what’s been keeping me away from all of this lately is that the things I get paid for have to come first, and I’ve been doing a lot more of that the last few months. That’s not entirely a bad thing, really, because I do need the money. But I’m just as inclined to say that it’s really not such a good thing, either, because the seven-day work weeks have been going on for long enough now that it’s more than likely starting to damage my health in a lot of ways, which is not a good thing.

There’s gotta be some sort of balance here, because I do need the money, just like everybody else, but I also need a little more down time than what I’ve been getting the last few months, and that’s not been good for me.

I’m just hoping this will be the month when there’s a little positive change here.

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