Monday, August 15, 2011

Text Play: Breath of Fire (SNES): Issue #21: I Dream of Mogu, Part Two: South Cave

Sorry about the big delay in all of this lately, folks. Had a lot of weirdness going on the last month and a half, including the computer issues. So, where were we? On the way to the South Cave in Mogu's Dream World, wasn't it? Let's do this, shall we?

Now, I do believe that last issue, I said something about how the South Cave in Mogu's Dream World was going to be a big deal to get through, based on the difficulty I was having just getting up the path to the entrance. Turns out, I was wrong about that. It's just the path there that's a bitch to do.

There are a few good treasures to be had along the way, of course. There's a shield for Nina, and a helmet that I'm assuming is for Mogu, plus a life potion. Maybe not the most spectacular stuff ever, but enough to just about make the maze worth it.

The thing about this dreamworld is that it continues the game's obsession with undead monsters. Even this little coma-induced nightmare is infested with monsters from beyond the grave. But that's no big surprise by now. Just gotta deal with that and move on.

So, once past the maze and all its geysers and steam vents and undead monsters, the South Cave is all of one well-lit room with a chair and plenty of food for Mogu's crisis-laden Courage. Courage says he's just looks and nothing more. The Wise Man and Mogu's sister Anne show up and tell Courage that he can do it because they think he can. They must have just teleported in with the other parts of Mogu's personality, because I somehow doubt they could have managed against the monsters, given the hard time I had with them.

The various parts of Mogu's personality rejoin with Courage, making the little mole dude who rounds out the full party whole again. He joins the party for the rest of the dream, anyway. And spoiler here, for the rest of the game as well.

Now, one of the more frustrating things about Mogu is that he's actually able to be used in the main battle party, though I don't remember him being exactly what one might call the best fighter. The good news, though, is that he comes with a special command called “Dig”, which opens up some previously sealed secret areas that have some nice, if not critical, items in them. This command can also be used to get out of battles that the party might not otherwise be able to run from.

But with that taken care of it's probably a good place to call this an issue, so it's back to the village to use the inn and the save point. And this time, I'm going to remember to stock up on things before I try to go after the North Tower again next time, in North Tower Part Deux.

See you then, folks! And hopefully, it won't be so long this time!

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