Monday, August 1, 2011

We Are Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties…

Please stand by.

I haven’t been posting much in recent weeks for a few reasons, and here are the major two.

The first, and perhaps less serious, reason is that I really haven’t had a lot of good ideas lately.  While it does happen to us all from time to time, it hardly explains why there hasn’t been much progress on other things that don’t necessarily require individual ideas.

This leads us into the bigger issue at hand.  As I’m sure many of my readers may know, the weather here in my part of the US has been either hot and muggy or rainy to the point of flooding for a larger part of the summer.  This sort of weather tends to be rather hard on electrical systems, to put it mildly, which has, as a result, put my computer and other electronics under serious strain.  Between several tripped breakers within the apartment I live in and at least two broader power failures in the area, something was bound to go wrong.

This morning, it did.  I went to check my email before work, and as I turned the CPU on, something caused a power surge and tripped the breaker.  When this went down, it fried my computer.

So, what the plan is, as of right now, is to take the main unit in and have it looked at soon as I can tomorrow.  Chances are, this won’t be a cheap fix, but we’ll see.

Updates will follow as new information becomes available.

Wish me luck, everybody.

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