Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Economic Recovery

Normally, I'm a saver, but now may be a good time to go out and spend.

Generally, I don't spend much money because it really doesn't take much to meet my needs and keep me happy. All the same, I do benefit from a good economy. It's when there's the most work for me to do and my bank accounts usually do better.

Though I'm hardly an expert when it comes to the economy, largely because I suck at math, the way I understand things, one of the best ways to fix a down economy like what we've got now is to get out there and buy things. Before anyone calls hypocrisy on me, I'll be amongst the first to admit that I'm not exactly great about spending, even when times are comparatively good. All the same, I do like to go buy things from time to time. If more people, myself included, would go do things like that now, things just might get a little better for us all.

So, please, come on out to eat. Go see movies. Buy things. I'm sure there are some nifty things to be found and bought, at reasonable prices, if one knows where to look and/or click. It may very well be the key to turning things around.

To sum up, do the world a favor. Buy things. Please.

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