Monday, February 21, 2011

Splitting A Series

Well, potentially, anyway.  It all depends on what readers like you think.

You see, there are a few title series that I write around the web.  Some go here, others to That Guy With The Glasses.  One that I'm considering putting on both in some way, shape or form is called Things I Miss, which is about exactly what I would hope the title makes people think it is.

The reason I'm thinking of maybe having some entries in that particular series here exclusively is because I have a few ideas for it that don't exactly qualify as the sort of subject matter that people go to TGWTG to read and/or hear about.  The one that's really got me thinking about it is a piece I want to do about the various removable media we used to save files on before there was such a thing as hard drives in home computers at all, let alone ones with seemingly infinite capacity.

One big reason I'm bringing this up is because I'd kind of like to be considered for a talent position with That Guy and it's parent company Chanel Awesome.  My understanding, which I will admit is probably not quite right, is that all my new material has to go on one of their sites if I want to be considered if and when positions for talent and/or contributors open up.  Problem is, though, there's tons of competition from other non-company members there, which makes getting burried a little easy, which is part of why I started this blog.

Another reason why I started doing this the way I do is because should there be a formal application process, I'll have some way of showing what might be considered reliable stats for how many hits my work can bring in, be it about things that fit That Guy's definition of nostalgia or not.  Which, as I'm sure regular readers have noticed, is something I tend to write quite a lot about.

But anyway, I've got a question for you, readers.  Would it be worth it my time to split up the Things I Miss series between That Guy and here?  While I think it very easily could be, I've noticed that a good many of the ideas I think might be good turn out not to be, so I think I'll ask the people who actually read my work what they think.  Any and all input would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

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