Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So I Missed The Super Bowl

It's the Super Bowl. I kinda have to say something, even if I did pretty much miss it.

Everybody likes the Super Bowl, even me. I just don't watch it for the game. My favorite part is the commercials, though I do love the party snacks when I get to go to Super Bowl parties.

Thing is, I haven't been off work in time to catch more than the last quarter of the game in years. I'm not really complaining, of course, because I could certainly take the time off for that, as several of my coworkers did, and I'd probably stand a very good chance of getting it. It's just that it tends to be one of the easiest days to work because we're not busy.

Fortunately, though, I do have a good connection to the Internet, so I can still see all the commercials I want to on Hulu and YouTube.

Maybe next year, I'll take Super Sunday off so I can watch the game with my dad. Only time will tell.

As for this year, hoo-ray for the Packers!

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