Thursday, February 10, 2011

For The Ha-Bisky!

One more little side thing on the way, folks.

Per usual, of course, I seem to have done something stupid along the way, which has kind of FUBARed the thing for the moment.

See, I'm a fan of a YouTube show called Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?  Two of the guys who do that show have their own YouTube channels.  The more notable one, with regard to this entry, is Jory Caron, who does a regular show where he opens his PO Box mail from fans and so forth.  I've got a couple things I'd like to send in, but as I said in one of my Text Play episodes, I tend to be a bit of a doofus.  In this case, I seem to have lost my postage stamps.

Now, picking up more won't be that big of a problem, because I've got plenty of cash for it, and I can stop by any one of several conveniently located service desks on the way home from work to both mail at least one of my items and get more stamps on the way home from work tomorrow.  Beyond just mentioning something of interest to me here, there's really only one reason for bringing this up.

I've got a question for you, my dear readers.  Should I try to get Mr Caron to say the name of this blog, should he read a future piece of mail from me?  Let me know what you think in the comments.  It would be cool to see what comes of it.

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