Monday, November 7, 2011

Junk And Stuff In My Apartment #4: Pencils

It turns out paper isn't the only thing I have lots of at home.

I've also got a ton of pencils around, too. These are just as much a legacy of my undergraduate years in college as the notebooks.

Part of the reason for all of them is that I was a journalism major at SDSU and was supposed to need all those things. Of course, I quickly learned that pens were generally a better choice for taking notes in class because they didn't get dull, need sharpening, or break nearly as easily.

The pencils were more useful for the standardized tests most common in freshman level courses. They were also of great benefit in the algebra courses I was required to take at the same time, because, especially with my skill, doing math in pencil is usually a good idea.

Nowadays, I mostly use my pencils for doing bad art on the hundreds of pieces of scrap paper I have around my place.

Which reminds me, I should maybe post a little more of that to my Deviantart page sometime.

I should also see how many pencils I actually have around here. Just so I know.

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