Thursday, January 12, 2012

D'uh, okay...

Not quite the post I had intended to make tonight, but okay, I guess.

Originally, I was going to leave a quick note here about how most of the formal ideas I've been meaning to post here are going to have to wait a while longer, as life in the real world has to take priority.  That's where I get the money to pay my bills and have food and such comes from, after all, and the matters and issues related to that have to come first.  While that remains true, I hadn't expected to have another topic to write about instead.

See, the first thing I do when I come to Blogger, before I even start making a new post, is look at the stats.  Usually, this is nothing too terribly impressive, with maybe a dozen hits on the day.  After all, I'm some backwoods text blogger who's main ongoing series right now is a written playthrough of a twenty-plus-year-old video game.  So it's not just modesty when I say there's nothing to speak of here, in terms of content, and I've got the hits to match usually.

But I signed on today and had more than a hundred hits..  This made me curious as to why.  Turns out, my last post must have triggered the searchbots, web crawlers, and net spiders, that all came running to index this place, and that post specifically.  Why, you might ask.

Simple.  My last post was just me goofing off, posting a quick gag piece about the word "ha-bisky," which I know as Jory Caron's catch phrase.

Now, I have to ask myself, why that?  Why not some of the other things I've done?  Was it because of the tags I used?  Was it because the main feature of the post was the word "ha-bisky"?  And how in the hell did I not get any more ad revenue off that, anyway?  One would think, after all, with a hit count that high, something would change in that department.

None of it makes much sense to me, as I've used other, similar words and tags before, in making jokes about other things, most recently the Sealed Cave chapter of Final Fantasy 4, which didn't garner anything more than the usual handful of hits.

So, really, I find myself wondering, must I use "Jory Caron" and "ha-bisky" for tags just to get more hits, and perhaps more money for this?  That just doesn't seem honest or fair to me, but I also want to think that what I do here can work somehow.

This is going to take some figuring out, but it'll be worth doing, I think.

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