Monday, January 16, 2012

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy 4 (SNES, 1991): Issue #17: Side Questing Across The Underground, Part Two

This part will more than likely not be as long as the first Side Questing issue, but we'll be closer to some really cool stuff, and have two more summons for our trouble.

Plus, a lot of it actually takes place on the Surface World. So let's get started, shall we?

Our first stop in this little world tour of ours is Fabul. Everybody there is happy to see you, with the exception of Yang's Wife, who's at the top of the castle's Left Tower. She'll be upset to hear that her husband is all messed up from saving the Dwarves and sleeping it off in the Sylph Cave. She'll start cooking an onion to cover her tears and then give you her frying pan and tell you to go ding him one with it.

From there, it's off to Mist to pick up a few secret items. The fireplace in the one house there has a hidden passage in it. Follow the passage right and find a Tiara, which is a helmet for Rydia or Rosa. I think I could have gotten this in Tomra, but I ran short of gold. Worth the price there, and the effort to find here, as it'll put its user's defense through the roof, relatively speaking. That'll come in handy for the next few things we do that involve fighting. The other two chests have a Ruby Ring and cloth armor. Worth taking for the gold. Go through the far wall and follow that hidden path to find the Change Rod. This is something for Rydia that has the added effect of casting Piggy when equipped and/or used as an item. There's also a guy in the town who tells the party that the spirit of Odin is sleeping under Baron.

Go to Baron and go down the basement of the Right Tower. There, the King of Baron shows up and tells Cecil that even though Kainnazzio got the better of him, the king can still help, as Odin, if the party can kick his ass. The condition for this to happen is having beaten Leviatan and Asura in the Land of Monsters. There was a book in the Land of Monsters library that gives a clue on how to beat him. It's simply a matter of spamming Odin with as many lightning attacks as quickly as possible. This means Edge's Blitz spell, Rydia's Indra summon, and having Rosa equipped with Lit arrows. And you've gotta be quick about it, too. If he gets his self-named attack off, it'll wipe the party out in one hit and they won't stand a chance. By now, though, I'm ready, if just barely, so it's just as well that I go down there and say “come at me, bro!”. Beat him down and Rydia gets the Odin summon.

For this next bit, it's off to Eblan to get the Enterprise and the Hovercraft so we can go get the Adamant Ore from Silveria. The hovercraft will get us to the mine where the dude wanted the Rat Tail will turn over the Adamant

Once we've got the Adamant, it's off to the Underground again. The first stop there is Kokkol the Blacksmith's shop. He was depressed last time we were there because he couldn't find any Adamant to work with. Give him what we got at Silveria, and he'll forge the Legend Sword into something better. And since I can't recall having ever done this in this particular order, we'll be coming back this way when we're done with the Sylph Cave because he says to come back later.

This time through the Sylph Cave is a real slog, but it's worth it. On top of getting the Sylph summon, which siphons off HP from a monster and distributes it evenly amongst the party, we get several high-powered potions, the Full Moon Boomerang for Edge, the Avenger Sword for Cecil and Kain, when he comes back, and some more Medusa arrows, which were actually rather handy when I had them previously in this playthrough. Even saved me from a couple Malboros in this cave by turning them to stone.

But anyway, once you get back to the Sylph House down there, whack Yang with the pan his wife gave you. Yang wants to rejoin the party again, but he's still too messed up from blowing up the Super Cannon, so the Sylphs join up as a summon for Rydia in his place. We'll be seeing Yang again in a bit, though, even if he's not a member of the party. Grab the chests on the other side of the room to get the last weapons Yang had and use the teleport pad on the top floor to get out of the cave.

Back at Kokkol's it turns out he's not done with the sword yet, so it's time to advance the story. This means it's time to go back to Mysidia. On the way there, I stopped back at Fabul and saw Yang's Wife one last time. She took her pan back and gave you the Spoon Knife in exchange. I'm not sure if that can be equipped as a weapon, off the top of my head. I can't remember having tried. If it can, it'll be worth cloning a few dozen of, because it's a good throwing weapon. Maybe I'll do that, should I try to farm the Imp summon.

Speaking of, should I try to farm the Imp summon? It's a crap spell, but it's a good way to also farm other items that can be used for gold, or throwing weapons later on, and I'll be needing those later on, I can guarantee.

For now, though, let's go back to Mysidia and see what's going on there.

Soon as you go into town, the Elder comes out to meet you and says you're needed in the Tower of Wishes. It seems the village's wish has been granted. The Moon's Ship of Light, the Big Whale, is returning. It comes up from the deep and floats thirty stories high as the cutscene goes on to explain that the party is being summoned to the moon by an unknown voice.

But we'll get to that next time, in issue number 18, You Will Go To The Moon!

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