Saturday, January 7, 2012

More About Fan Fiction

This time, it's something that really is embarrassing.

It seems like last year at this time, I was saying something about how I had all these big plans for a few items of fan fiction I'd wanted to write. Sadly, that just hasn't happened, with only the one exception of that one item I posted in December. The worst part of that is that it was pretty much revision number 35 of the first fanfic I ever wrote.

The thing is, the reason all this fan fiction business hasn't happened isn't so much for lack of ideas, or even a lack of time, really. It's because I seem to have forgotten how to write fan fiction since I got my own place to live.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, mind you. One would think that by the time one gets to the point in life I have, fan fiction would be a thing of the past. Generally, it is, and that's for the best, really.

It's just that it seems like since I've been doing more serious, quasi-professional writing, I've been coming across things that have inspired ideas for characters and concepts that are not my own. This has proven especially true for my Looking Back and Recent Discoveries series that I've been posting sporadically in the user blog section of That Guy With The Glasses for several years now.

I have, of course, managed to pull out a new story or two in recent years, but it's hardly been at the rate of years past, and I kind of miss that.

The best thing for it, of course, is to just sit down and work away at it, just like I do with these blogs. Who knows, I might actually be able to pull something good out again. Only time will tell.

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