Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reason To Care

It's hard coming up with one right now.

Those bits of freeform writing I've been doing over the last week or so have proven why it's been so difficult to come up with a reason to care about much lately.

It's not so much that I don't want or think I need one. I both want and do think I need it. It's just that it's been hard to find reason to give much of a damn in general.

In part, that has something to do with being so busy at work during the holiday season. There's just so much that never seems to stop for even as much as five consecutive minute so that a person can breathe or think for a second.

Another part, undoubtedly, is that I'm up so late working on things like these blog posts. I really should learn when to give this a rest. I probably don't need to spend as many long hours on this as I do, but I'm really hoping it pays off in the end.

No matter the reason, though, I'm having trouble keeping my motivation and continuing to care about things. That's the important thing, and I could really use a change from that.

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