Sunday, December 4, 2011

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy 4 (SNES, 1991): Issue #02: Octopus In The Desert

We Continue. This'll be short and sweet unless something goes horribly wrong.

So, when we left off in part one, we'd just seen Cecil get hes ass beat by a little girl. Well, OK, the little girl was a Caller who summoned up a Titan that caused a landslide and trapped them in the desert. Also, Kain disappeared as a result.

At this point, Cecil is on his own as he fights through a lot of desert monsters with the word “sand” in their names. Sand Men, Sand Worms, Sand Pedes, the like, even moths and larva.

When he gets to the village of Kaipo, Cecil heads right off to the Inn, where the guy at the desk lets him stay for free because Rydia's in bad shape after the fight with Cecil and Kain. Cecil admits he did wrong when he killed Rydia's mom by accident and hopes that he can be forgiven some day. Rydia can't do that just yet.

During the night, some soldiers from Baron somehow manage to show up to finish what the King had Cecil start. When Cecil kicks their asses, Rydia introduces herself and joins the party.

One thing I should note about this fight is that it's possible to kill the officer for the extra gold and XP. The trick is to leave one of the regular soldiers alive. Once the officer goes down, the remaining soldier will either off himself or run the hell away like a little pussy. Or the officer will run off if the soldiers all get killed first. I usually do it and get the extra stuff for it. It can be enough to get Cecil an extra level.

But the soldiers aren't the only ones from Baron who got to Kaipo before the quake. Turns out Cecil's girlfriend Rosa went after him and wound up getting desert fever. She'll need something called the Sand Ruby to get better. In order to get the Sand Ruby, you've gotta get through the Watery Pass, which is blocked by both an old man named Tellah and a boss monster named Octopussy... I mean Octomamm. So long as you go see that Rosa is sick, getting Tellah to join the party is no problem.

One good thing about Kaipo is that it's a good place to sell off all the cloned weapons and shields to fund the purchase of more cure potions and tents, and maybe a life potion or two. Not like they're really necessary. This is the so-called easy version of the game, and I believe it. I hardly ever really need to use any of these items, aside from the tents. I just want to avoid a mistake I made in Breath of Fire.

But it's worth it to get the chests in the Watery Pass because there are a lot of much needed upgrades to everybody's weapons and armor that'll come in handy when fighting Octomamm. Most of these are for Cecil, but there's also an Ice Rod for Tellah. Clone it and give one to Rydia, too. The only upgrade Cecil doesn't get is for his shield, and I don't think there is one at this point.

Since this is a water themed dungeon, most of the enemies, including the boss, are weak to lightning magic or Rydia's Chocobo summon. And there's also zombies here.

Octomamm goes down easy between Cecil's sword and magic from Tellah and Rydia. And the best part is, nobody dies as a result. Or as a direct result, anyway. But that's for next time, when we meet Prince Pussy. I mean Prince Spoony. Edward. The guy's name is Edward. But that's the story for next time.

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