Wednesday, December 21, 2011

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy 4 (SNES, 1991): Issue #10: Let's Save Our Girlfriend Again!

Spoiler alert about Tellah. Right off, he's toast.

Yeah, we're starting off with a cutscene again. This time, the party confronts Golbez about turning over Rosa in exchange for the Crystal of Earth. Big surprise, it turns out that Golbez wasn't being what one might call exactly honest when he said he'd make the exchange. Tellah uses the opportunity to charge in with a mighty Nostalgia Critic impression in an attempt to extract vengeance for the death of his daughter. Unfortunately, he burns through all his MP and then some before he even gets around to casting the Meteo spell he wanted so badly to use in this situation. But even then, the 90 MP he had would have been just shy of enough to cast it once. So, Tellah uses his life force to cast it instead, and the strain does him in. Sadly, this is only enough to drive Golbez off for the time being, taking the crystal with him. At least it broke his hold on Kain for the time being and opened up slots for him and Rosa for the upcoming boss fight against Valvalis, the Fiend of Air.

But before we get to that, Kain rushes the others off to save Rosa from a giant metal orb that's about to squash her. Naturally, there's a little “getting cozy”, in Cid's words, but that doesn't last long, as the party decides it's best to get out while the getting's good. And that's when Valvalis attacks. Probably the easiest way through this fight is to have Kain jump on the fiend's spin, let the other three guys just attack, and have Rosa heal as need be. 'Cus o/~ this fight could really drive you insane/Let's have a boss fight again...! o/~ Sorry about that. Thought I was on GlitterRock's Cap-Page Board for a second. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is rather popular around there.

Once that little boss fight is over, Rosa casts an Exit spell that sends the party back to Cecil's room in Castle Baron. There, Kain explains that even though Golbez has captured all four of the world's elemental crystals, he's only got half of what he needs to actually pull off his mission: to open a path to one of the planet's two moons. This has something to do with getting more power or some such thing, but this is explained more later.

Kain continues that there are four more crystals to be gathered, called the Dark Crystals, presumably with the same elemental properties as the other four, only using the dark side of those powers instead of the light that the first four did. The only clue as to where these other four crystals might be is an item Golbez gave Kain called the Magma Key. Kain says that even Golbez doesn't know quite where to use it. Talking to people around might yield clues to where, but I know now and can say flat out that the place we're looking for is the town of Agart.

But that's a matter for next issue. As I said last issue, one of the downsides to doing all this after work and/or late at night. There's not nearly enough time to do as much of this as I might like, but it's secondary to being rested, cleaned, and groomed for my day job. So, we'll just have to wait a day or two to get started with the first part of Cecil Underground.

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