Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy 4 (SNES, 1991): Issue #09: Zot Zot Zot

Well, OK, what happens here isn't as happy a thing as the song I just referenced, but it's the best I'm able to think up when I'm working on these things. It's one of the downsides to doing this after work and/or late at night most of the time.

Anyway, I had one last thing to do before I got on with the Tower, which was getting Cid the Silver Mallet so he can actually do some damage in the tower. Not that it was a particularly long-lasting upgrade by this point, but more on that when we get to it.

Along the way, I also picked up some more Tents so the party could get their HP and MP refilled at save points. Good thing, too, because I needed them this time. Kinda proves why it's a bad idea to try this sort of thing when you're tired. Kept halfway dozing off at all the wrong times.

All the same, this was still a relatively easy dungeon for me. I think I got all the treasures, or at least all the ones I can remember. This includes the Earth Mallet for Cid. This mallet can be used as an item that casts the Quake spell on the enemy party.

There's also a Poison Claw for Yang, which adds a poison status to his attack. It works well with the Charm Claw because now, when his attacks do a negative status to the enemies, it will actually do both.

And there's the Fire equipment for Cecil. These are effective against ice-based creatures, which there are a lot of here.

On that note, I seemed to get a lot of Ice arrows from monsters this time. I don't recall if that's normal or not, but it happened, all the same.

Once all the items are collected, it's off to the first of two boss fights in this tower. I think I'll be cutting this short after this boss fight because it's late and I need sleep.

This fight is against a trio of women called the Magus Sisters. These weird sisters are something of a reference to Shakespear's MacBeth because they all use magic. Or at least that's what my fatigued mind is saying right now. I could very well be wrong about that.

But they do something called the Delta Attack, which is basically, having one cast a wall spell on the second, who attacks, before the third does an attack spell on the second for massive damage on a random target. That seems awfully damned inefficient to me, but there you go. Take out the middle, or second, one firs, and this goes easy.

From there, it's off to another encounter with Golbez and a fight with the Fiend of Air, Valvalis. But that's for later, since, as I said, I need to sleep. So, we'll pick it up with Let's Save Our Girlfriend Again! See you then!

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