Thursday, August 1, 2013

TEXT PLAY: Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (Taito, SNES 1993): Issue #21: Off To See The Wizard

o/~ We're off to see the Wizard/The wonderful Wizard of Odel... o/~

The folks in Arus were right when they said that Professor Shaia was back in his main lab in Odel. Or perhaps better put, it's in a place called Platina. It's just that the entrance to this whackjob's two main labs are in Odel. At least the trip back isn't so hard, because the rest of this is, if only because I'm a moron sometimes.

Our good doctor does indeed have the super ship everyone's been talking about. The thing is called the Falcon, kind of like the airship that got the drill in Final Fantasy 4. In this case, though, it's described more as the vehicle that the scientist in The Three Stooges In Orbit built because it can fly like a plane, sail like a ship, and go underwater, as well. Turns out that the Falcon here is just as broken as Professor Danforth's device in In Orbit, as well, because it leaks like a sieve, can't navigate underwater, and can't take off.

The good news is that Shaia says he can fix it. The bad news is that he says he needs to go to his third lab, which is due west of Platina. It would be bad enough he'd offered to come with us on the damed boat he's giving us, but he also pussed out and went ahead of us on his own boat.

Probably for the best that he did, though, because I forgot which direction I was supposed to go right away and wound up going completely the wrong direction. That would have been bad enough, but there are monsters to fight on the open sea, and I wound up getting my ass kicked way more often than I probably should have, and all because I forgot that west is to the left instead of the right on these maps.

Anyway, once we get where we're going, a place called Carbis, I think it's called, we find Shaia's third lab. He's there waiting, of course, and you'd think that such a genius inventor could fix his own invention with no trouble. No such luck, of course. We need to go find his assistant, a guy named Cooper, in a place called Bakku. For as high tech as all Shaia's stuff is, I'm surprised he's got a human assistant.

But since we're going to have another fetch quest on our hands, we'll make use of the save point and the person with the healing oils here and call it a night. We'll get to solving this thing next time, in Issue #22: Sly Cooper

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